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The Trust

The Trust was founded by sixteen like-minded friends with the mission of supporting people of limited means suffering Kidney failure and in need of regular Dialysis.

Dialysis is a losing battle from start to finish. The procedure costs tons of money, and it does not cure the decease, which finally leads the patient to early death. In the process, after a long, heartbreaking struggle, the family is left with a dead member and high debt. More often than not, people are obliged to sell/ mortgage their property and jewelry in order to pay for treatment.

With the mission to help improve the grim situation, the sixteen friends registered and started their trust in July 2009 – in a small way - with five patients and with 16 dialysis sessions utilizing the facility of Mahavir Hospital.

There has been no looking back and within a span of eight years the trust has extended to reach over 6600 patients. 1100 patients are at present receiving over 9000 dialysis session support every month at four of our own centers.

The Centres

Our centres are at King Koti Govt Hospital, Ramdevrao Hospital, Kukatpally, Mahavir Hospital & Research Centre, A.C. Guards, and Gurunanak Medical Centre, Gurudwara, Secunderabad and associated Hospitals in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

The trust runs on raised donations from its own contacts, family and friends. The Dialysis Centres are at par with private Dialysis Centers in Hyderabad and match the best in the country as well. The three centres are equipped with 122 state-of-the-art dialysis machines with modern dialyzer washers and technically advanced equipment is installed to maintain hygiene.

A nominal amount of 200/- is paid by patients for every dialysis session at our centres, against the present charge of 1200 to 4000 levied at private dialysis centres.

The Care

Treating CKD Patients suffering from HIV& HBV is a delicate matter. Care has to be taken of the patients, as well as the treating staff. Right in the beginning we decided to set up a one-of-its-kind centre – with 8 machines to treat patients at Rs 200/ per dialysis at a special ward in Mahavir Hospital, where all consumables are discarded after one use, without any extra cost to patients and utmost care is taken to treat them.

The Centres also treats Aarogyasree patients (BPL) in addition to regular patients who cannot afford high cost of dialysis as per the Government directive.

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