Our Achievements

462210 Dialysis Sessions and Counting

Hyderabad based NGO Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Relief Foundation Trust (Registered under societies act) has so far provided more than 462210 dialysis sessions at Rs 200 per session, valued on the market at over Rs 65Crores, saving innumerable patients the pain and saving their families from debt burdened life after the loss of a family member suffering from Chronic Kidney Failure.

Medicinal Support

The Trust has supported patients with Erythropoietin & Iron Injections of reputed brands at highly subsidized rates, saving them more than Rs 51 Crores in the process.

BMDC King Koti Dialysis Centre

Recognizing the good work by the Trust, Department of Medical, Health & Family Welfare, Government of Andhra Pradesh, offered 5000 sft built up space in District Hospital of King Koti, to set up a state-of-the-art dialysis centre with 24 machines, vide G.O. Rt. No. 1691, HM & FW (M) Dept., Dated 13-12-2010, as a model project of partnership between Government and this not-for-profit organization.
In 2016, the Government considered our request and allotted additional 2500 sft on the same floor, and we added 14 new dialysis machines with the financial support from philanthropists.

BMDC Mahavir Hospital

Following successful implementation of King Kothi project, the trust set up another large centre with 27 machines at Mahavir Hospital & Research Centre, A.C. Guards, which operates 4 shifts with optimum capacity.
We are adding another 24 machines at our centre at Mahavir Hospital & Research Centre, A.C. Guards which will be inaugurated in January 2018.

HIV & HBSAG Support

Treating CKD Patients suffering from HIV& HBV is a delicate matter. Care has to be taken of the patients, as well as the treating staff. Right in the beginning we decided to set up a one-of-its-kind centre – with 8 machines to treat patients at Rs 200/ per dialysis at a special ward in Mahavir Hospital, where all consumables are discarded after one use, without any extra cost to patients and utmost care is taken to treat.

BMDC Kukatpally

Considering requests from many patients, in order to reduce travel time for treatment we approached the management of Ramdevrao Hospital, a philanthropic charitable organization, to join hands with us in setting up a dialysis centre with 12 machines in less than a year. The number of patients approaching increased and we decided to expand the facility and the centre was shifted to accommodate 12 more machines making it a 24 machine centre.
We have added 12 machines on 23rd Oct 2017 at our centre at Kukatpally, in order to meet the growing demand from the area.

BMDC Secunderabad

In a unique partnership with Rotary club oh Hyderabad Deccan, Rotary International and Gurunanak Medical Center at Secunderabad, our Trust set up a dialysis centre in Gurudwara, Secunderabad with 12 machines where capital cost amounting to Rs 128 Laks was funded by Rotary International & Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan. The space is provided by Gurudwara free of cost and is now operated and managed by our trust.

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